Hard to Continue On

March 9, 2018
Photo by Toni Lluch on Unsplash

It is so hard to continue on,
When you are gone.
I never expected to feel this way,
Because I was supposed to see you every day.
You are my little baby boy,
My pride and joy.
I’m trying to be strong like you,
But it is so very hard to do.
Each morning I hope it was a nightmare,
But it’s as real as each breath of air.
I struggle each and every day,
Just trying to find the way.
To continue on,
Since you are gone.
I can’t believe you are gone,
Each morning I awake at dawn.
It’s so hard to get thru,
Everything I should do.
All the time I cry,
Because I don’t understand why.
You were taken from me,
Before I could really see.
Every feature that is you,
But which is a combination of me and daddy too.
I will treasure each and every day,
In my arms you did lay.
All before you were gone,
Each day I remember at dawn.
I didn’t want to let you go,
For all the days I would miss you grow.
I can barely see thru the tears,
Because I know I will love and miss you thru the years.
I hope you can see,
All the love I have for you inside of me.
Please don’t fault me–how hard it is to get thru existence,
When none of this makes sense.
My heart is so heavy,
That I wish someone could help me.
But there is nothing anyone can do,
Because all I want is you.
I shouldn’t have had to let you go,
And miss watching you grow.
What am I supposed to do,
Without you.
I miss you so much,
Every day it is you I wish I could touch.
There’s so much I want to say to you,
And I never got the chance to.
Physically, I feel like I’m in a black hole,
Along with my soul.
I just hope you know,
Whatever my life might be, I will always hold you in my heart just so.
No matter if I have a joy,
You will always be my baby boy.
What should I do,
Without you?

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